Tuesday, February 09, 2021

tuesday two

 Twenty-bloomin-four. Twenty-bloomin-four and a bit of a cock-up. Can you spot the cock-up on the flower resting on the pattern book? I didn't, until I tried to complete the grey outer square. I was able to unravel the grey to reuse on the second try.

Some bits of my brain have folded in on themselves; until they are back working I'm going to do simple colour flips. Did I say my plan is to have no colour repeats?

The claret and blue flip pair is unintentional, but yay, go Burnley. The only football match I've ever attended and never need repeat. Unless there's a Klopp about. A Klopp never hurts.

Twenty-bloomin-four down. Forty more to go. Another eight and I'll be halfway.


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