Thursday, February 11, 2021

thursday two


Twenty-five to go. That is doable.

I love a Thursday: always have. In current times I'm having a go at trying to cook something a bit different on a Thursday, or to cook something a bit differently. A couple of weeks ago it was Ottolenghi's swoonable aubergine dumplings and my game and my world changed. Adore that soft-spoken man. Last week it was the prosaically sweetcorn fritters. They tasted of doughnut, the house smelt of oil, but I'd do them again, in massive quantities with doors and windows open.

Today is very simple. The simplest thing ever but something new to me. I have never ever used coconut milk, which sounds ridiculous: I'm fifty in a couple of weeks, for fecksake. So, yeah, today it's the last of the turkey, in a curry, with coconut milk. I was going to do a daal too, but want to ramp up the veggies, so I'll throw together a generic veggie curry with some mung daal added.

Also new to me today: this unexpected hit is the mix of breakfast cereal, peanuts and peas you never knew you wanted.

All this eating and cooking and New means there will be fewer newer granny squares tomorrow, but look and respect at how two new colours were delivered today. Letter box yarn delivery. It's the future. But right now. On a Thursday.

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