Tuesday, February 02, 2021

nor so wide as a church-door


Today I have made an effort to follow instructions.

Not sure about the greeny grey next to the blue, but my choice of wooly stuff that's not sickly sixties baby cardigan is limited, because I bought a pack of mixed acrylic to see if I took to the crochet thing. (Geniuses will be flexing their mighty minds to anticipate near future moves here.)  

Circles in squares. Next stitch steps are to finish the circle stuff in the blue, then switch to a proper grey for the outside square. I'm the Greynaissance's bitch as much as the next bitch, and grey is my first and so far only single colour batch buy.

Today I've also made: a discovery about stopping glasses from sliding down my nose, without making that slippery slope miraculously matte; a big hole in the snow for the birds' mealworms; an inroad into user-testing some font accessibility thing; myself more than a little queasy on mini stroopwafel, and shortly I'll make tea. 

That's a small cluster of makes, but twill suffice. It'll do. In these days and weeks and months of wheels falling off, it'll do.

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