Wednesday, February 03, 2021



Today I made a cock-up of the corner, but I completed my first granny square. 

That noise you can hear? That's The Pogues Fiesta.

 Just look at that corner. Behold the might of that cock-up. 

I sort-of completely know what I cocked-up*, which is hopeful regarding not cocking-up the next one. I am sort-of completely confident that I can fudge it into nothing when I stitch squares together. This I will accomplish by the gift of the simple ineptitude of my stitching, which is mighty, and is sort-of completely guaranteed to remove attention from the corner cock-up. 

Am genius.

*summink summink, joined colours when pattern said to snip one off and tie new one in, summink summink started at a different part which felt more suitable for the join, summink summink QUASH future feelings QUASH THEM FLAT.

Right, am off. I need a wee. I always need a wee.

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