Thursday, December 03, 2020

trip hazard


Over there today the tangerine cretin continues to claim he has evidence of anomalies in the Dominion Voting Systems machines, dead people voting, and corruption in Democrat-run cities that were won comfortably by Biden/Harris but you don't know her, she goes to a different school.

Over here today the craven entitleds bray that a vaccine co-developed by the German biotech firm of the child of Turkish immigrants and manufactured in Belgium is a British triumph, and that grabbing it first is a feat of Brexit, even though the supply was authorised using provisions under European law. 

I expected the tory sonic boom as misdirection of the cliff edge of the 31st of December that is some Thomas Hardy shit, but the lies, the straight-up deceit? Why do these... perfidious, I'll say perfidious, it's a cracking word... lies still shock? Why, when we've lived this since we tripped over the cat into that rip in the space time continuum that was 2016, does my stomach still cement in an impotent fury that really can't be healthy? 

Summon the court physician. Call an intermission.

Why did Danny Kay not add a verse noting that the boy who observed that the king was in the altogether was strung up on a lamppost and left, spit-soaked, until his small, decayed limbs dropped off one by one?

It's altogether too chilly a morn.

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