Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Hello C!

Lovely to hear from you. Yes please, I'd like an extension form.

Jack has not done me in; I do like the chap. I've had to prioritise
some paid work, business plans and the like.

I *have* mired myself in the form of the exercises, despite your excellent advice. It's learning scales, isn't it. Am pushing myself to complete these exercises thoroughly, so that the form becomes subconscious, if you get my meaning. It's a good discipline, but my head will wriggle through the gaps in the text, take off its socks and go paddle and splash. However often I order myself to sit and work the work workishly, dammit – and the Exercise 6.d document is open on my comp all the time – it's so much simpler to watch birds through the window and download Rufus Wainwright than it is to try and stir the necessary sludge of the format to find the gold.

I'm keeping my goal in view. I'll get there.

Have been doing a lot of playing around with charts as narrative. It's something that's just tingling away in the corner of my head; something I'd like to develop in the future. It dissolves Word tables.

Am very much looking forward to Summer School. Had my name down for a workshop with Melanie Reinhart in my old home town this Saturday: 'Revisioning Jupiter'. However, Jupiter decided that he would rather be in practise than theory right now thankyouverymuch, and his backing up into Uranus gave me an unexpected competition win of an all-expenses family weekend in Kent. (Kent?). We'll have a top time doing all things… Kentish, I won't be churlish, and it is ole Beltane husband's birthday on Saturday, but still, I'm so thirsty for things such as that workshop – reckon that's what the tight square between Cancer Moon in the 5th (conj SA) and Libra Jupiter in the 7th in my Solar Return chart is all about. Great stuff either way, but not both at the same time.

Still – Sun, Ur and ME are conj in the 1st, and with just 5' between the latter, I've no doubt that by the end of the year I will be a fair way further toward my goal than am I now.

Hope all's well with and for you. Am glad it's taking an extension to complete Mod 3, as I do enjoy having you as my tutor.


On 4/26/05, C wrote:
> Dear Ginny
> I just thought that I would write because I hadn't heard from you for a while.
> I fear Jack has done you in!
> In fact, your 6 month tuition period runs out on 2nd May, and please accept my
> apologies for not being on the ball and reminding you sooner. How are you
> getting on with Jack? Is there anything I can do to help? Let me know if you
> need any input of any kind from me. Also, if you would like to extend for
> another 6 months, let me know and I will forward on an extension form to you.
> I hope things are well with you - looking forward very much to hearing from you,
> All best wishes
> C